Threads 18.07.19 – We Have Sound #7

As we continue our search of exciting sound on Threads we look forward and backward; people of twenty year cycles, with the amount of music from the late 90’s in this edition it certainly felt like arcs had been formed. Music from Marc Mac and Dego under rubbing shoulders with new music from Dr Um and J Majik as well as music from Pole sounding fresh along side the sonics of Valiska. Class of ’96 raise a hand, raise a glass.

Bronze Nazareth – Good Morning (A Nice Hell)

Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass

Dalot – Beirut (dust fall)

Vessel – Zahir (For Eleanor)

Bon Iver – Jelmore

Valiska – Numbers 4

Emily A. Sprague – Piano 1

Pole – Stadt

Horsepower Productions – Stranger

J-Shadow – Embers

Maxsta – Maskimo

Treble Clef & Micofcourse – Cops ‘n’ Robbers

Motu – Have To Know ft Nico Lindsay

Mez – P&G

Captain Over – Mind’s Eye

Invader Spade – Dustin

Kutmah – Miracles

Andrea Belfi – Revine

Siete Catorce – What

Scratcha DVA – Baga Drmz

Dr…Um + L3FT LUCA5 – No Going Back

Tom & Jerry – Airfreshner

Sheefy McFlyfeat. Lola Damone – Mobbed Up

J Majik – Serenity

Ability II – Pressure Dub

Alien – Xyloid

Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – Condo

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