Threads 23.04.20 – We Have Sound 20.4

I mentioned on this show that I have been doing radio shows for fifteen years. People who know me will know I am someone who oscillates into periods of real difficulty with confidence, and who sometimes is completely stricken with fear before doing a broadcast. I know the years I have been doing this there have also seen appalling and sad things happen all over the world, and there have been significant political events close to me. Throughout all of these times I have always felt I understood what the purpose of music – and by extension radio is; the question was just did I feel I was up to the task in hand, or was it relevant or useful to apply this format of communication to address my thoughts on whatever situation – but, as I read the news in recent times I felt disconnected.

I had had to miss my previous show because I was sick in bed with the symptoms I had been reading about for weeks prior – a fever, an accompanying high temperature, and a cough. I still don’t know if what I was sick with was Covid-19, but if I was I am happy and thankful to say I recovered; I read the news; I ventured into what I found was a different world – a world where people noticed each other with a piercing perception, and often with fear. I read the news and I wondered what music and radio shows being reverential about music were for – or what purpose they could play in the face of what seemed like seismic events.

There were times, though, that music helped. There were times when I knew exactly what to listen to. It helped, not to make anything better but just to place how I was feeling slightly outside of myself for a while and to be able to look at things with some form of perspective. I read the news. I wondered about people who’s paths I had crossed over the years that lived in the places I was reading about were getting on. I realised that music and radio didn’t need to be for, or to solve anything, as Snakepiss who I reached out to for an audio postcard for this show puts it – we can be smaller than we thought we needed to be – or were told we should be.

So this show is simply a collection of sounds that have helped me understand my new surroundings, played in the spirit of communication, connection and smallness. I hope they make sense in the world they find you – or at least you enjoy them in it.

Numb Mob – Sammy’s Point

Mike Slott – Falling Through

Jacaszek – November Early

Valiska – Suspension

Photay – Peace in the Era of Telecommunication

Jóhann Jóhannsson – They Being Dead Yet Speaketh

Claire M Singer – Fairge

The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Fontella Bass – Evolution

Mark Pritchard – Under The Sun

Burial – Stolen Dog

Anenon – Two For C

Eluvium – Fugue State

Arca – Urchin

Matthew Bourne – Extinction

Richard Robert – When I’m Gone

Justin Wright – Modular Winter

Hania Rani – F Major

Scratcha DVA – Sumbodydefinatlydied

Soul Drummers – Shango Prayer

Jay Electronica – Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) – 4

Strict Face – Into Stone

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